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Ten Things I’ve Learned on Twitter

Ed Stetzer:

Yesterday, I passed 100,000 followers on Twitter and abruptly announced I was quitting. Needless to say, it was a joke.

But, it did lead me to consider a few things about social media. Here are ten things I’ve learned about Twitter that I thought I’d pass on to you.

Lenny Kravitz crashes high school orchestra

Does this make Lenny Kravitz the coolest rock star ever? For these kids, maybe:


When Jesus Doesn’t Want You On A Mission Trip

Jeff Medders:

The Holy Spirit might be calling you to other parts of the world. Hallelujah! But before you pack up and go, does Jesus want you to stay home and do the very same thing you are leaving to do? Learn from Legion. One is not better than the other. Overseas and across the street both need the good news of the Kingdom of God. Our Emperor Christ is sending all of us (John 20:21). Honduras, Thailand, Kenya, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, London, Tomball, TX—all need missionaries like Legion, like you, and like me.

Kindle deals for Christian readers

Crossway’s Theology in Community series is on sale for $3.99 each:

Also on sale are The Call by Os Guinness for $2.84, and Trophy Child by Ted Cunningham (FREE!).

Finally, today’s your last chance to get ten books from Cruciform Press for 99¢ each:

Outrage Is Easy, But Is It Good?

Stephen Altrogge:

There is a place for legitimate, godly outrage. But so often we treat moral outrage as if it is a virtuous thing in and of itself. But it’s not. In spite of what all the talk radio shows and Fox News hosts and bloggers say, moral outrage is not an inherently good thing.

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