Tell me what to write


Periodically, I get a really good suggestion from you, the readers of this blog, on what to write. These have often wound up being some of my favorite posts to put together, if for no other reason than they give me an excuse to dig into a subject that may not be on my radar. A few of my favorite examples of reader requested posts include:

I have a lot of fun with these kinds of posts, so I wanted to open this up to you:

Tell me what to write!

How do you do it? Leave a comment with your topic suggestion before midnight on Saturday.

Pretty much any subject is up for grabs. If you see your idea on the list, reply to that comment with “me too!” or something along those lines. After Saturday, I’ll find the most commonly requested topics and have you vote for the top three (with a handy-dandy poll), which I will then write over a reasonable time frame.

Sound good? Looking forward to reading your suggestions!

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  • Viktor

    May I ask about how to distinguish confirmation for God’s message through holy spirit that spoken to our heart and our own desire that sometimes confusing?

    • Aaron Armstrong

      I like this idea, Viktor

  • Adam Tisdale

    Would you consider co-writing a book with me: The Tyranny of the Now: Finding Our Rest in Christ Alone. A little more than a blog post, eh?

    • Aaron Armstrong

      That’s definitely more than a blog post :)

  • Adam Tisdale

    By the way, I found your book Awaiting a Savior very helpful and may teach through it soon at the church I pastor.

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Really glad you found the book helpful! Let me know if you choose to teach through it

  • Ros Barrett

    How about a post on Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (which is a Packer book), and generally the topic of predestination and evangelism. (

  • Katie Duffy

    I know you posted this a week or so ago, but I was just thinking about something this morning that I would love to see a post on. About a month ago, a friend of mine got married and it started me thinking about marriage vows. I’m not married so this isn’t something I have considered in depth before.

    It seems that everyone will fail their marriage vow to some extent – a promise to love, cherish and honor someone for the rest of your life is just not something a sinner will ever do perfectly. Some will break their vows to a fuller extent than others (by divorce or adultery rather than by unloving words, for example). But I don’t know anyone who will perfectly fulfill their marriage vow.

    So then how do we, as sinners, vow to do something we know we will not be able to do? How does (or should) the gospel influence our marriage vows? I’m not trying to diminish the value of the marriage vow at all. Rather, as someone who looks forward to that day at some point, I am wondering how I ought to view them. Does that make sense?

    • Aaron Armstrong

      That does make sense and it’s a really good idea.