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Using big words makes you look dumb

A new (ironically titled) Princeton research paper shows that using big words doesn’t make you sound smarter. Take note all you users of “utilize.”

HT: David Murray

And God said, Let there be a linguistic construct. And there was.

Carl Trueman:

I am grateful to the reader who drew my attention to the story over at Juicy Ecumenism concerning the presumably liberal vicar who yet found himself a poster boy for political incorrectness by asking two lesbians who the biological mother of a child he was asked to baptise actually was.

The story has various points of interest, not least the typically aesthetically driven reaction of the couple: “It’s so hard not to be put off by our experience.”

Dear Mr. Prophetic Voice for True Christianity

Yancey Arrington:

Look, the church needs a prophetic voice, just make sure it’s prophetic and not really just complaining about non-essentials that only serve to make you look smaller, less charitable, and more immature than the people you are trying to critique. If you constantly have the same people responding to your less-than-redemptive posts it likely means you’ve maxed out your reach and are just running around the cul-de-sac with people who have the same spirit as you. Listen, being prophetic is a gift to the church, being a jerk isn’t.

Abuse Does Not Take Away Use

Derek Rishmawy:

For those who have been beat down with the Bible like it’s a weapon, or doctrines like they’re billy clubs, when they see someone pick them up—even as agents of healing—some post-traumatic stress makes sense. It can be hard to distance or differentiate a doctrine from its uses, especially if that’s all you’ve ever known. It doesn’t matter if someone’s trying to offer you an oxygen mask; if someone used one to choke you out in the first place, you’re going to flinch when you see it.

Faith like Paper Clips

Clint Archer:

Many dream of one day owning their own home. If asked what you need to buy a house, you’d probably reply with some variation of this vein: “I need more money; if you increase my income I could afford a house.” But Canadian blogger, Kyle MacDonald, would disagree with you. He’d say that you don’t need an increase in income, you just need to use what you already have. After all he purchased his home with nothing in his pocket but than a little red paper clip.

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