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A Slightly Awkward Interview on Crazy Busy

Oh. My:

Kevin DeYoung’s new book, Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem, officially releases next week. You can preorder it here. (And look for my take on this book soon.)

“Dad, I Think I Know All the Bible Stories Now”

Trevin Wax:

I had to apologize to my son recently.

We were on our way to church one Sunday, and he said, “Dad, I think I know all the Bible stories now.”

“Really?” I said. “All of them?”

“Just about,” he replied. “And I know all the songs we sing in church too.”

“That should make it easier for you to sing along,” I said.

“I don’t know why we keep going over the same stories and singing the same songs. Don’t they think we’ve got it down by now?”

“I’ve been studying the Bible and singing songs for a long time, Timothy. And I get something new from God’s Word every week.”

By this time, we were getting out of the van and walking towards the worship center. That’s when he said, “I don’t think we need to go to church every week. Why don’t we just wait until there’s something new to learn?”

Bizarre Puritan Names

If my wife and I were having more children, I’d totally push for Die-Well. I would not win.

Singing in Church

David Murrow:

It happened again yesterday. I was attending one of those hip, contemporary churches — and almost no one sang. Worshippers stood obediently as the band rocked out, the smoke machine belched and lights flashed. Lyrics were projected on the screen, but almost no one sang them. A few women were trying, but I saw only one male (other than the worship leader) making the attempt.

Stop trying to date yourself!

Derek Rishmawy:

In my time as a twenty-something male, hanging out with twenty-something males, and pastoring them, I’ve noticed that a certain amount of them are convinced that they need to find a female version of themselves to date and that anything else is settling or won’t work. In their minds, dating is this project where you attempt to find your long-lost second self who shares all of your habits, quirks, taste in movies, and political views. This is nonsense and should be dropped immediately.

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