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She is Beautiful

Lore Ferguson:

I am a Church-girl, I have always known it. There is nothing, nothing, I love more on earth than a diverse community of believers wrought together by one common thing: an uncommon man. On a local level, this means I serve her, I love her, I pray for her, I believe in her. On a broad level, this means I see her place in the manifold plan of God.

Don’t Cancel That Short-Term Mission Trip

Chelsea Kingston:

I’m grateful to belong to a church body that emphasizes church empowerment in our mission strategy. Sometimes we have healthy dialogue and even disagreement about the usefulness of short-term missions. But who says students can’t participate meaningfully in the same kind of church empowerment we champion in our overall global missions strategy? I’ve seen firsthand that students can be the catalyst of these types of relationships, and when it happens, it’s beautiful.

Kindle deals for Christian readers

Save on Crazy Busy at Westminster Books

Kevin DeYoung’s new book, Crazy Busy, officially releases today (look for a review tomorrow-ish), and Crossway and Westminster Books have teamed up to give readers great savings on it! Single copies are available now for $6 each (50% off), or pay only $5 each when you buy five copies or more. This sale ends on September 30th.

Studying or reading?

Kim Shay:

Over ten years ago now, I read David Wells’s book No Place for Truth. I can still remember many things about that book. Is the difference my brain, or perhaps, my reading practices? I read the David Wells book when we were homeschooling, in the days of dial up, when I checked the internet once a day, for about thirty minutes. I simply was not presented with the vast array of books available. There was no WTS Books or P&R Publishing telling me about new releases. My reading habits and dynamic in life meant that I couldn’t read a lot of my own material because homeschooling meant reading what the kids read, and knowing it well.

I think my situation is that I’ve stopped studying what I read. In a hurry to consume as much as I can, I’ve stopped slowing down to really think about the books I read. It’s probably my own fault. I see everywhere that so-and-so has read fifty books this year, or someone else has set a goal of 150 books in a year, and I wonder if I should be reading more than I am.

Suffering service

Peter Hughes:

Life is pretty good at the moment. I have three great kids. My marriage is going well. We planted a church a few years ago, and we are starting to get some traction. The problems we have are because of growth. All in all, this is one of those seasons people dream about. Life is good.

And yet…


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