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Thoughts on street preaching

Jeremy Walker:

In recent weeks there has been a spate of arrests of Christian brothers in the UK involved in street preaching and other open-air witness. As someone who preaches in this way fairly regularly, this is obviously a matter of interest and concern, and that on a number of fronts. For the record, I do this because I think that it is a legitimate and potentially profitable way – one of many – of going outside the walls of our building to reach men and women, boys and girls, who have no appetite at present to come inside to hear the Word of God being proclaimed. I think we need to make a distinction between what we do in trying to gather a crowd to hear that gospel and what happened in, say, the Scriptures, when Christ had a crowd gathered with an appetite to hear him, or in the days of men like Whitefield when they were – initially – forced outside, and then had ready-made congregations. I also think we need to accept that, unlike somewhere such as the Areopagus, public discourse is no longer, in the culture of most in the modern West, an accepted mode of discussing and pursuing truth.

Kindle deals for Christian readers

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Grace Makes the Medicine Go Down

Dan Darling:

One of the things that confounds me, as a parent, is the refusal of my kids to take their medicine, even as they are crying out in pain. It’s particularly annoying in the middle of the night (you know, those few nights when it’s actually me getting up instead of my long-suffering and faithful wife, Angela).

I am second: Eric Metaxas

This is really good:

A Prayer for Christian Bloggers and Writers

Joey Cochran:

Lord, please be with these fine men and women who work delightfully hard to share and collaborate with a growing global community for Your name sake. Their gift and passion for writing deserves our gratitude. I ask Lord that you would guide them to write with integrity. May who they are in person be who they represent themselves to the digital community. Keep them honest. Protect them from plagiarism, especially the kind of plagiarism that takes credit and glory away from you, O God. You are the one who has pressed upon their heart what their fingers type.  May they ever praise You for their writing. May this community of bloggers and writers deal lovingly with one another. Build a kindred spirit of brothers and sisters who exalt You and proclaim the Gospel you delivered once for all for the saints.

The biggest challenge facing the church today

Paul Tripp:

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