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The Cultural Revolution on the College Campus—Why it Matters to You

Albert Mohler:

Several  years ago, sociologist Peter Berger argued that secularization has been most pervasive in two social locations—Western Europe and the American college and university campus. The campuses of elite educational institutions are among the most thoroughly secularized places on our planet. This should concern anyone with an interest in higher education, of course. But it really matters to every American—or at least it should.

Up to 50 percent off on The End of Our Exploring

Moody’s put together a great deal on bulk orders of Matt Anderson’s excellent new book, The End of Our Exploring. Order three or more direct from Moody and save 40 percent. Buy ten or more and get free shipping and 50 percent off. Matt’s also put together a study guide for the book, which would be great for

Happiness: The 40% Solution

David Murray:

One statistic that’s pretty constant across countries, cultures, classes, and centuries is that 99% of people want to be happy (yes, there are some people who prefer to be miserable).

But the vast majority of that 99% are looking for happiness in the wrong places.

Answering a Fool

C. Michael Patton:

Biblically speaking, being called a “fool” is just about the worst thing that anyone can call you. It is the opposite of being “wise.” The wise person not only has good information but knows what to do with it. The wise person consistently acts in accordance with truth. The wise person knows how to “handle” people.

The truth is that we all act foolish from time to time and we need to be corrected.

Kindle deals for Christian readers

Here are a whole pile of Kindle deals for you:

Am I Still Crazy Busy?

Kevin DeYoung:

I really did write the book to learn and grow, and at the end of the writing process–which was when the manuscript was due–there were still plenty of things I was learning and lessons I was trying to incorporate into my life. There wasn’t an opportunity to look back and evaluate the big picture of my busyness.

Perhaps now is a good time. It is certainly legitimate to wonder if the author of Crazy Busy is a little more sanely busy almost a year after writing the book. So here’s a picture of the work in progress.

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