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13 years old, never kissed a girl, but already a registered sex offender—thanks to online pornography

John Woods (the Daily Mail):

For the next three years, while his parents assumed he was using his computer for his homework, Jamie visited porn websites for up to two hours a night.

Even when his school performance began to suffer, they had no idea of the murky world their shy, quiet son was inhabiting while upstairs in his bedroom.

While it’s not his real name, Jamie is typical of the young men I meet. He explained: ‘The websites led me to other websites and soon I was looking at even weirder stuff I could never have imagined — animals, children, stabbing and strangling.

‘I stopped leaving my room and seeing my friends because when I was away from the pornography, I was dying to get back to see what else I could find.’

And it was only when the police came knocking one morning that Jamie’s secret life was exposed.

Leadership Breakups: A Better Way?

Ron Marrs:

I keep hoping that all the parties in the separation would get in the same room to discuss what will be said to protect the reputation of the church and the individual who is departing.  Wouldn’t it be possible to hammer out an agreement that will honor God and edify the church?  I know that most of the time the whole story cannot be told for a variety of legal and ethical reasons.  But can’t people come to an agreement about what will be said publicly, so that the church flock would not have to speculate about the reasons for the separation?

Kindle deals for Christian readers

Save on Tim Keller’s new book at Westminster Books

Tim Keller’s newest book, Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering is now available, and Westminster Books is offering big savings—buy one copy for $16 (41 percent off), three or more for $13 each (52 percent off).

Pastor As Nursing Mother: Cultivating Gentleness in Ministry

Jared Wilson:

A breastfeeding mom. This is not the dominant vision for pastoral ministry today. But I am grateful for what appears to be a resurgence in biblically faithful ministry, a growing reformation within the pastoral fraternity that seeks a renewal of ministerial peace and patience, of pastoral gentleness. I need more of this. We need more of this.

The Church is not dying

Ed Stetzer:

Christianity may be losing its top-down political and cultural influence, but Jesus spoke of His followers making an impact in a very different manner. He taught that God’s kingdom was subversive and underground. He used examples like yeast, which changes things from the inside, and mustard seeds, which are small and must be planted in order to grow up and out.

As the distinctions between Christians and an ever-growing post-Christian culture emerge, we will have to set aside any nominal belief systems and become active agents of God’s Kingdom. The answer is not found in waging cultural wars incessantly, or in making a theological shift to the left to pacify a culture offended by the gospel. The answer is in all of God’s people, changed by the power of the gospel and propelled by love, moving into the mission field as agents of gospel transformation.

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