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Stop Slandering Christ’s Bride

Joe Carter:

The silence has been nearly deafening. Some Christians recognize the problem and may mention it in private, yet no one in our churches has the courage to say anything about it publicly. No one—from the pulpits to the pews—seems willing to speak out about the incessant claims that the church is unwilling to speak out.

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Does Success Start on Sunday?

Jonathan Parnell:

A lot more folks like the sound of success over the sensationalism of Satan-talk. Whole movements are built on that, in fact. And even if we’re not driving to a basketball arena this morning, there’s still a chance we’ll be gigged by that gimmick. Does success really start on Sunday? Does it?

The real question is, “What do we want?

Jesus, the killer of comfort

David Fairchild:

There’s a hidden, yet subtle power in comfort.

You can be a great person with a stable job, family, and social life. You can pay your taxes, help your aging parents, and recycle, while simultaneously being profoundly enslaved by the idol of comfort—an idol that makes peace and predictability its highest priority.

Is the shutdown unbiblical?

Joe Carter (one more time!):

Christians are frequently accused of conflating politics and religion. And not surprisingly, Christians like me are often frustrated by such claims. Whenever I hear such slurs my first inclination is to push back by asking who exactly can rightfully be accused of such confusion. Can they name even one person who does that?

And then I remember, “Oh yeah, there’s Jim Wallis.”

Misogyny’s Horrible (Even When It’s Online) and God Will Judge It

Derek Rishmawy:

We all know the internet is a horrible place most of the time, though occasionally I forget that. I read mostly charitable Christian blogs and avoid the comment sections on most news articles because, well, I generally understand that people can be terrible. That said, sometimes I’m still struck by how utterly gross we can be.

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