Sin is not your pet

If there’s one thing the Bible is super-clear on, it’s what we’re to do with sin: we’re to kill it. But what’s funny is, we seem to want to shave the edges off that. We seem to waste a lot of time managing our sin, or downplaying its seriousness.

This weekend I was at a men’s conference where Matt Chandler was speaking, and he shared a fantastic illustration of how stupid it is to treat sin as if it were our pet:

Way too many men think they’re the lion trainer that thinks they’re somehow not going to get this predator—sin—not to eat. We feel like we’ve got sin managed, contained or controlled.

So instead of taking him out into the street and blowing its head off, we’re petting its mane and telling it “I’m your boss.” But you are the lion’s slave. And you have brought it into your house. There’s collateral damage. Always.

Your sin will always blow up in your face. And it’s going to go bad. And for some of you, because God loves you, it’s going to go really bad.

Don’t give it a treat, don’t taser it.

Drag it out into the street and murder it.

There’s a lot of wisdom here, and this is why I get so sick and tired of the way we couch our language when it comes to sin (and I do this too; I’m not pointing fingers). We don’t sin, we make “mistakes.” We’re not rebellious sinners, we’re “broken.” On and on we could go.

But here’s the thing: if we see sin for what it is and if we see our spiritual enemy for what he is, why on earth would we try to manage it, instead of doing all we can, by God’s grace, to destroy it’s foothold in our lives?

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