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Writing by hand

J. Mark Bertrand:

Writing manuscripts by hand has several practical advantages — no need to carry a laptop around, no risk of batteries going dead — but the one I’m most fond of is this: writing by hand forces a built-in revision stage, since I never manage to type up my pages without improving and tightening the prose. While I have no plans to ditch my computer, I find myself resorting to longhand more and more during early drafts. I have always taken notes by hand (the tech-assisted alternatives still seem too clunky to me) but I haven’t written out drafts like this in years.

Color The Bible’s Big Story

Families looking for coloring pages for the kiddos, Christian Focus has got what you need with pages from Jim Hamilton’s new kid’s book, The Bible’s Big Story: Salvation History for Kids

Chan and Platt Reflect from the Korean DMZ

Get the most important book on sanctification ever written for cheap!

The paperback edition of Walter Marshall’s excellent book, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification, is on sale at Westminster Books for $10 until October 16th.

You can’t keep morality out of the public square

JD Greear:

I’ve often heard that we should keep our views on what we believe about various moral issues out of the public square.

My first contention is that it is impossible to do so. Judgments offered from either side of the discussion have a fiercely moral tone. While the moral indignation of gay marriage and abortion opponents is well known, none can doubt a similar indignation in gay marriage and abortion affirmers. Who has not seen the fires of righteousness burning in the eyes of their ideological opponents? Sometimes it is a righteous fire borne of concern, and other times it is the smug fire of self-righteousness. But we cannot deny that the indignation is moral in its nature.

All Lewis Conference Media Now Available

Weren’t able to attend this year’s Desiring God National Conference? Fear not! DG’s got you covered. All the media is available now.

Kindle deals for Christian readers

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