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The Pain of Going Public With Your Words

Tyler Braun:

On August 1st, 2012 success for me with Why Holiness Matters was the publisher knocking my door down because Amazon sold out of copies in 2 days. As you can imagine, that did NOT happen.

The next few months following the initial let down was a constant re-evaluation of success. For awhile I thought success looked like lining up speaking engagements to talk about themes in the book. For awhile I thought success was positive reviews of the book. For awhile success was having people visit my home place of ministry and buying a copy of the book.

I had no idea what a healthy picture of success was. Was success just publishing the book? Was it being proud of the work I published? Was it having people like the book? Was success selling so many copies that every Christian publisher wanted me to write with them?

Dear Young, Christian Husband With a Job and Healthy Wife Who Wants a Baby

Rebecca VanDoodewaard:

I’ve never met you—I don’t think your wife has, either, so sorry to break into your day like this. A friend of your wife’s asked me to write and tell you something. Your wife has been trying to tell you for a while, but so far, it doesn’t seem like you can hear: your wife wants a baby.

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Mohler: 20 years and counting

Aaron Cline Hanbury:

“I thought it was all over,” said R. Albert Mohler Jr. “I just thought I didn’t have anymore to give. I thought this was it.”

Two weeks earlier, the faculty of Southern Seminary, where Mohler had been president for less than two years, overwhelmingly supported a motion that explicitly rebuked him and repudiated his policies, with only two members voting for him and two voting in absentia. The days that followed weren’t any easier.

Mohler even recalled an Easter party when some of those who opposed him were mean to his children who were only six years old and three years old at the time.

Your Preaching Ministry is Only As Good As Your Praying Ministry

Derek Rishmawy:

Young ministry-types like myself, especially in the Reformed tradition, are usually pretty concerned about the quality of their preaching. We study, we prep, we exegete, we outline, and practice, making sure that our sermons are sharp, sound, and culturally-relevant (well, some of us on that last one). There’s one key piece that’s often lacking in our zealous preparation–an area that God’s been convicting me about recently–the prayer prep.

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