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God’s Pleasure in You

Tony Reinke:

Does God find pleasure in you?

When he looks at you, does he smile?

In short, if you’re in Christ, the answer is yes. But the answer to how and why and on what basis needs some explaining.

We can break God’s delight for the redeemed into three categories: (1) a delight in election, (2) a delight in redemption, and (3) a delight in holiness.

The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon: November’s free book from Ligonier Ministries

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10 Love Challenges

David Murray:

All Christians want to witness to the world, bless the church, and grow in assurance of faith. But did you know that there’s one thing you can do that accomplishes all three of these aims at once?

Love other Christians.

Yes, loving other Christians produces the triple benefit of evangelizing unbelievers (Jn. 13:35), encouraging believers (the whole Bible), and assuring ourselves that we are believers (1 Jn. 3:14, 19).

But how do we do this? Yesterday I gave my congregation 10 Love Challenges that  translates love into very practical, do-able actions. I tried to keep it small and doable. In some ways it might not seem very much; each challenge has only one fairly quick and easy action per month. However, when multiplied by 100 or 200 Christians, the cumulative effect on your whole congregation will be evident to all.

No excuses to not use Covenant Eyes

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What if Someone Knows Something You Don’t?

Michael Patton:

Making a commitment to God is not easy. This is especially true with skeptical people. I am not talking about skeptics out there. To put it another way, I am not talking about unbelievers. I am talking about skeptical Christians. I am talking about those of us who continually second guess ourselves. We don’t really trust ourselves. And, just as importantly, we don’t trust others. The alternative options to our faith, while not necessarily compelling, are overwhelming. What if I am wrong? is the haunting thought. This though puts up road blocks, yield signs an detours all over our spiritual life. We are perpetually terrified about being wrong.

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