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Abstinence is unrealistic and old fashioned

Matt Walsh:

Yes, it’s weird for you to want to wait until marriage. In spite of the hyper-sexualization of our culture; in spite of society’s decaying moral sensibility; in spite of all of the messages that bombard you every day through every available medium; in spite of the pressure from your classmates; in spite of the bullying from that fool of a “health teacher,” you STILL stand tall and resolve to save yourself for your future wife.

Man, that is weird. It’s also awesome, inspiring, courageous, and extraordinary. Not to mention, Jeremy, you’re doing the RIGHT thing. You’ve got more character than most adults in this country, and you should be commended for it.

Cruciform Press Pre-Holiday Sale

Cruciform Press is offering 50% off everything (provided you purchase one of the five featured titles) through 11/18, plus free shipping through 11/13, unlimited quantities. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for book lovers, this where you’ll want to start.

50 shades of white

Simone Richardson:

Romance novels have always been popular amongst women, and over the years their sexual content has been steadily increasing. In 2005 erotic romance as a sub-genre was recognized as an under-tapped market, and since then booksellers have flooded their shelves with content to meet the growing demands of readers. It is now normal for romances (even those not classed as erotic) to take readers beyond the living room and let them witness and vicariously participate in the heated and messy goings on of the bedroom. The recent flourishing of ebooks has hastened the spread of this kind of thing, leading to the infamous rise of the Fifty Shades series, which became popular enough to merit huge display spaces in supermarkets. And you could read it on the train, and no-one would know.

So what do we make of this as Christians?

Psalm of the Hipster Worship Leader

Aaron Earls with a nice bit of satire:

…I thought it was time to add a new psalm to the Bible. Somehow, no one seemed to agree with me. They made up silly phrases like “closed canon” and threatened to “bring back heresy trials.” Whatever.

They are missing out, but you don’t have to. Here is Psalm 151: A psalm of the hipster worship leader.

5 Things to Consider Before Rebuking a Christian Celebrity

Daniel Darling:

The new online world has flattened leadership. Most of the time this is good, increasing accountability and allowing undiscovered talent to rise. But there is a downside. Criticism now comes easier, with the click of a “send” button on a variety of media tools, you can “call out” Christians with whom you disagree. I would argue that a few rules should guide our online rebukes. Here are five questions I try to ask myself before writing critically about someone.

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