What should I review?

I just got back from a trip to Colorado Springs (day job related). After a fantastic welcome by my kids that included Hudson nearly walking outside barefoot shouting “Car-car!” and Abigail attaching herself to me like a spider monkey, I found a wonderful present waiting for me from my friends at Crossway:


Image via Pressgram

If you’re struggling to see all the titles, here’s the complete list:

I’m very excited to dig into these over the next few weeks, and perhaps even sharing a few thoughts.

Now, here’s where I need your help: If were going to review one, which should it be?

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  • Michael Boling

    Delighting in the Law of the Lord

  • http://www.brandonschmidt.me/ Brandon Schmidt

    Poverty of Nations, mainly because I am interested in that book as well!

  • Jacoby Nelson

    forget these. review something by Steven Furtick or Perry NOble please. :)

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      Is that because you want to see me lose my mind?

      • Jacoby Nelson

        yes, these books are all positive reviews. what fun is that? :)

        • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

          Fair point. Who knows? I could really hate one of these. Probably not, but it’s possible…

          • Michelle Dacus Lesley

            I was kind of thinking like Jacoby is. Somebody asked me about Judah Smith the other day. I’d like to see a biblical review of his stuff to point them to.

            • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

              I may have to do that (again). I typically intentionally read one book I’m reasonably sure I’m not going to like each year, so something by one of these folks could wind up in my early new year reading pile. :)

  • Deb

    I’d like to see a comparison of the Gospel Transformation Bible with the ESV Study Bible. Do we have a need for both of these?

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      Good suggestion

  • Michelle Dacus Lesley

    I’d like to see a review of the Gospel Transformation Bible.

  • Shaun Tabatt

    I’d start with Currid’s book. It’s a quick read and very well presented IMHO.

  • Doug

    I would opt for “Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors”. Next would be “Delighting in the Law of the Lord”, and then “Against the Gods”.

  • Nate

    Delighting in the Law of the Lord by Jerram Barrs!!!

  • Jason Tucker

    My vote is for Delighting in the Law of the Lord. Then my vote is to give this book to a friend who shall remain unnamed.

  • Spencer Robinson

    I would say “Delighting in the Law” (even though it’s pretty hefty), Covenental Apologetics, and then Against the Gods (I’d like to see your take on it and if it differs with my own. Thankfully it’s an easy read!). Well, that’s my two cents.

  • Kyle Labosky

    Either Against the Gods or Baucham’s book.

  • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

    Well, based on the response so far it looks like Delighting in the Law of the Lord is the one y’all want to see…

  • JeffreyBee

    i would like to read a reviewof the Voddie Baucham book.