Living in her Old Testament faith


Mary was not chosen because of any human merit, not even for being, as she undoubtedly was, deeply devout, nor even for her humility or any other virtue, but entirely and uniquely because it is God’s gracious will to love, to choose, to make great what is lowly, unremarkable, considered to be of little value. Mary the tough, devout, ordinary working man’s wife, living in her Old Testament faith and hoping in her Redeemer, becomes the mother of God.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (as published in Peace by Stephen J. Nichols, pp. 28-29)

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  • John

    There is a chance that Mary was chosen because she was highly favoured. Considering the importance of Godly parents in a person’s life, it would seem logical that God chose an outstanding person to be His earthly mother – not rich, educated, or living in circles of influence, but outstanding in character and devotion to God.