Build your Logos library this Christmas

Note: this is a sponsored post.

A special offer from Logos Bible Software!

Logos Bible Software’s created a little something special to help you build your Logos library as part of our Christmas sale—the definitive library-builder. Logos has pulled together 500 classic titles into one amazing collection, and they’re offering it for over 96% off the regular price. 500 volumes by 212 authors covering the theological spectrum of Christianity (a must for any serious student or author)—and then there’s the price.

If you were to order these titles individually, you’d pay well over $10,000 for them. Instead, you can get this collection for only $399.95.

Don’t worry about combing through this list to see what you already own—we’re also giving you an ownership discount for titles already in your library. But we went out of our way to pick special titles that you won’t find in any Logos base package!

If you missed an opportunity to pick some of these up when they were on Pre-Pub or Community Pricing years ago, then this is your rare opportunity for a do-over! Here’s another chance to pick them up at similar discounts.

This is the largest discount we’ve ever offered on any product in our company’s history! 

But act fast—this product will cease to exist come January 1. Once the clock strikes 12, you won’t be able to find this product at for any price.

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