Five blogs you should be reading in 2014


There are a lot of really great well-known sites out there that are consistently worth reading—Tim Challies, Trevin Wax, and Jared Wilson, to name but a few. What makes them great? Aside from theological astuteness, they’re enjoyable to read. This is something we need more of in the Christian blogosphere.

Fortunately, there are a number of well-written blogs out there that are worth your attention. Here are five bloggers I think you should keep your eyes on in 2014:

Matthew Svoboda

Matt and I connected back in my early blogging days (nearly five years ago now) when he was running a blog called Evangelical Village. Since then, he’s quit blogging, tried to come back to it a couple of times, joined the staff of a thriving church in Spring Hill… and now he’s started blogging again (but this time he really means it!). He’s a sharp thinker, great to chat with over coffee, far too young for the beard he has, and definitely someone you should keep your eye on.

Julian Freeman

Julian’s a friend from Toronto, and the pastor at Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills. What I love about Julian is you won’t find him blogging every day or even every week necessarily. He tends to only write when he’s got something to say. Whether intentionally or accidentally, he’s embraced Scott Stratten’s rule of blogging: post when you’ve got something awesome to say.

Matthew Sims

I’ve been connected to Matthew on Twitter for at least a year now, and have always enjoyed both what he shares and interacting with him. At his blog, you’ll find a good mix of thoughtful book reviews and original content (he just wrapped up an Advent devotional series that’s quite good).

Mike Leake

You’ve probably heard of Mike by now, but if you haven’t, well, here you go. He’s really good at writing thought-provoking material that doesn’t chase controversy. And because he’s a pastor vocationally, that side of him really shines through, especially when encouraging us to pray for our wives, sons and (in January) daughters.

Kim Shay

Kim’s a fellow Canadian, who is always worth reading. Because she’s at a different life-stage than many bloggers—she’s been a Christian for more than five minutes and her kids are all grown up—there’s a bit more of a graceful savviness that comes through in her writing, especially when she occasionally touches on a controversial issue (or person).

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  • Mike Leake

    Wow. Thanks, Aaron. I really appreciate the shout out.

  • Kim Shay

    :) Thank you, Aaron.

  • Matt Svoboda

    It is good to be back in the blogosphere! And, yes, it is for real this time. :)

    Thanks for the kind words, Aaron.

  • Julian

    Thank you so much, Aaron. This is very humbling.

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