Leland Ryken wants to help you study The Pilgrim’s Progress

Last week I invited you all to read The Pilgrim’s Progress with me starting in March. Today, in partnership with my friends at Crossway, I’m giving away two copies of Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress from their Christian Guides to the Classics series by Leland Ryken (which, incidentally, officially releases today!).


In each book in this series, literary expert Ryken takes readers through some of history’s greatest literature while answering anticipated questions along the way. Each book:1

  • Includes an introduction to the author and work
  • Explains the cultural context
  • Incorporates published criticism
  • Defines key literary terms
  • Contains discussion questions at the end of each unit of the text
  • Lists resources for further study
  • Evaluates the classic text from a Christian worldview

In this volume, Ryken leads readers through John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, offering insights into the nature of faith, the reality of temptation, and the glory of salvation.

Ryken’s volume is sure to be an excellent resource to all of us during our community reading project. To enter, sign up using the handy-dandy PunchTab app. The contest closes tonight at midnight. Enjoy!

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  1. This description is adapted from Crossway’s product description page.

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  • RicePoint

    I will be taking part in the reading of Pilgrims Progress. looking forward to it.

  • Kim Shay

    Shame on you for tempting me with more books 😉

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      Ah, but if you win, it won’t cause you to break your vow to not buy new books this year :)

  • JoshDear

    I’ve already read The Pilgrim’s Progress – and will certainly be going through it more as my children grow up – but I’ll be far more tempted to read through it as part of your group should I win a copy of this helpful reading guide from Dr. Ryken (hint, hint, hint…)!

  • Andrew Wencl

    Thinking about it.

  • jroberts17

    I will attempt to do it. I want to read it with my son, but he is too young. But I am gonna try

  • Jennifer Guo

    I wasn’t planning on joining the reading group (many books already lined up for March), but if I win I’ll probably join!

  • http://2pete316.blogspot.com/ Amanda Smith

    My copy of Pilgrim’s Progress came in yesterday. I’m really excited to start it.

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong


  • Dan Rutledge


  • Noreen Saarela-Panizzoli

    Yes, very much looking forward to it, as I recently tried to get our women’s group to study Pilgrim’s Progress.

  • http://www.brandonschmidt.me/ Brandon Schmidt

    Yes, I will be joining you on this journey!

  • Stephanie Bolton

    Looking forward to it! I bought the Crossway version last year and this is a good reason to finally read it (I’ve read it before but not this version).