Why I may (not) be live-blogging #T4G14


Over the last few years of attending conferences, I’ve tended to live-blog them, taking copious notes and sharing them here in real-time or something close to it. This year, although I have no doubt I’ll be taking lots of notes, I’m not sure if I will be live-blogging at T4G. It’s hard work and fun work… but man, it’s a lot of work.

So here are a few reasons why I may or may not do it this time:

1. My notes tend to be more like on-the-fly, loosely paraphrased transcripts. I don’t catch everything, but I do manage to get about 80 percent of what’s said in a pretty faithful form. This is tricky to do, but I know a lot of people find them helpful.

2. I don’t want my note-taking to be distracting to other attendees. Conference venues like the Yum Center tend to not be set up to handle live-blogging well. And because my tendency is to not be a gentle typer, I am concerned about my clickety-clacking distracting the other attendees.

3. Not live-blogging gives a little more flexibility to my schedule. I don’t “have” to be there on time or at all, if something requires my attention elsewhere (I’m thinking a work or family-related emergency).

4. Sometimes it’s fun just to sit and watch. I’ve never really just sat back and watched at one of these. This might be a good thing to try.

5. Sometimes sharing the material online is fun, too. I’ve received a number of emails from folks saying they’ve found my notes helpful in the past, and I do appreciate having the opportunity to help others when possible.

6. There’s a livestream. The livestream is really handy and allows people to listen in as they go about their day.

So what say you all? Live-blog or not live-blog?

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  • Amber

    I think you should sit back and relax for once. :)

    • Rebecca Stark

      I agree. Not that I don’t enjoy reading your live-blogs, but it seems like you deserve to just take it all in for once.

      • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

        I took both of your encouragement :)

  • AWHall

    Um, I saw you six seats down from me. I will have to say ‘Hi!’ tomorrow!!!

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      I agree!

  • Ron Reffett

    Hey Aaron! I’m pretty sure that I saw you in the bookstore. I wanted to say hello but it was just a little packed! So, I’ll take this opportunity to say hello! :-)

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