Five books I’m (probably) not proposing


One of the scariest part of the writer’s life is proposing books. When I first finally mustered up the courage to send out a proposal for Awaiting a Savior, I was more than a little overwhelmed by the whole experience. The book sat with multiple publishers, most of whom rejected it, before Cruciform Press kindle picked it up and made it the moderately profitable book it is today.

But there have been many (many!) other book ideas that have come up since then. At present I’m hoping to see at least one come to light, but only time (and the Lord’s sovereign hand) will tell. But there are others. Some have the potential to earn tens of dollars, some are purely entertaining for me, and others would probably be best left in a folder called “don’t ever, ever try to write these.”

Which is which? You tell me:

Idea #1: Contentment and the Art of Ministry-Mobile Maintenance

What my franken-car taught me about contentment and humility in the face of strange noises and all-too-frequent repair bills.

Idea #2: How to Win Friends and Pants People

Become an influencer in the wrong crowd with this surefire self-help bestseller.

Idea #3: Your Average Life… Now!

While every day might be a Friday for some people, the rest of us have a case of the Mondays. Own your okayness as you learn that you don’t have to have it all, that a “meh” day isn’t a sign of unfaithfulness and sometimes “success” just means getting your pants on right the first time.

Idea #4: Discipline (Is) For Dummies

Join my children and me on a journey of discovery as we seek to learn about “consequences”.

Idea #5: The Prophets’ Diet

More prophets than Daniel have something to say about your eating habits. With advice from the likes of Ezekiel, Elijah and John the Baptist, this is guaranteed to be the last Christian diet book you’ll ever (want to) read!

An earlier version of this post was first publishing in April 2011. Photo credit: geoftheref via photopin cc

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  • Michelle Dacus Lesley

    I think #3 is brilliant. I wrote a very brief, very simple article a while back called “It’s OK to Be Ordinary” (based on Titus 2:3-5) that just said, hey, you don’t have to have some big, hairy audacious dream to fulfill or be a Christian superstar or “change the world.” It’s ok (and…gasp!…even biblical) to just be an average Joe or Jane faithful Christian. It really resonated with my readers. This is a message that needs to get out there! Write it! :0)

    #5 probably wouldn’t make it past the pitch stage, but it would make an awesome humorous blog series. “Eating Biblically: How to Lose Your Lunch in Ten Scriptures or Less” lol :0)

    • Aaron Armstrong

      I may just write that one, Michelle. I know a few guys who have wanted to write it but have been told it would never sell. I know someone else who did write something similar (Boring by Michael Kelley), but it might be fun to try it. :)

      Love the series title, too!

      • Michelle Dacus Lesley

        Embracing Obscurity was kind of along those lines, too, but I’m not sure how well it did. It’s hard to sell sound doctrine in a market where everybody seems to want their ears tickled :0/