In case you missed it (05/24)

In case you missed them, here are a few of this week’s notable posts:

The Persevering Prophet: The Call: Beginning a study of the Book of Jeremiah and the practical implications of his calling into ministry.

Made in the Image of God: Spirit: The first part of a series on humanity as God’s image-bearers.

The War on Blogs:A call to Christ-like behavior in interacting with blogs.

Telling the Back Story: An interview with Pastor AJ Thomas on planting a church in post-Christian Halifax, Nova Scotia (originally published in Compassion Today, January 2009).

The War on Blogs

I read a few blogs on a regular basis, and, in general, the ones I like are excellent. Insightful, interesting, engaging content. Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, Abraham Piper, Mike Anderson & The Resurgence, the whole team at Evangelical Village… All these guys and so many more do a wonderful job seeking to glorify Jesus through blogging, and for that, they should be commended.

However, I’ve recently seen a very ugly thing happening in commenting habits, that in no way reflects or glorifies Jesus; that being the pushing of agendas that have nothing at all to do with anything that’s being discussed.

Recently, I’ve seen several discussions on a variety of topics derailed into a pro-egalitarianism rant (or more accurately “anti-authority of any kind” rant) on points that had nothing to do with the issue. I’ve seen Christians come out of the woodwork declaring the author a heretic on a doctrinal issue that is a tertiary issue.

My point in addressing this is that it shows a disturbing lack of character in how Christians are engaging the “blogosphere” (I hate the web-speak, so please excuse the quotes).

Our mission in all things is to glorify Jesus.

That includes how we blog.

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In case you missed it (05/17)

In case you missed them this week, here are a few of this week’s notable posts:

The Trekkies are Gonna be So Mad: Thoughts on the new Star Trek

The Stupidity of Idolatry: Isaiah derides idolatry and reveals my own idol: My mind

The God Who Acts: A brief survey of the Book of Isaiah reveals its major theme—and our only hope

Finding Direction: My struggles to find direction in  a season of confusion

In case you missed it (05/10)

In case you missed them this week, here are a few of this week’s notable posts:

Breathed out by God: A look at the command to love our enemies found in Proverbs 25:21-22

Week Two: Discovering Solomon’s wisdom on study.

Called to be Ignored: Reflections on the second half of Isaiah’s call to ministry.

Book Review: All of Grace: A look at an engaging and compelling work by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Is the Single Income Household Dead?: Has the world changed too much or can we live on less?

Ethical dilemmas in blog-traffic

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some odd jumps in my blog traffic, and two referral sites with massive numbers attached, Alpha Inventions and Naturally, I was curious what exactly these were; after visiting the sites, I saw that they were “blog surfing” websites; that is, websites that essentially channel surf through blogs  to give viewers a snapshot of any blogs they’ve picked up.

And while I’ve found the concept interesting, I find myself wondering about the ethical implications:

Are these sites a way to genuinely generate readership?

Do they artificially inflate the views on our blogs so we can feel better about ourselves?

How many folks have stumbled onto a blog they like through sites like AI and Condron?

I’m curious what you think; let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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What's coming up?

This weekend (I hope),  I’ll be posting the first of many book reviews. I read a digusting amount of books in a year (such is the joy of not having cable!) and want to share with anyone reading a few that are worth your time… and maybe a few that aren’t. Look for a review of D.A. Carson’s “Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor” tomorrow or Sunday.

Introduction: a word about this blog

This blog exists for a couple of reasons: I dig Jesus and I dig writing. I write for a living here (along with a variety of other tasks). This is as much a shock to me as anyone else. I did not expect to be writing for a living when I graduated from a graphic design program seven years ago, and certainly not at a Christian charity.

Funny how things work, yeah?

Blogging is not something I’ve really considered up until now. I really didn’t have much to say. And, if you don’t have something worth saying, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

Hopefully I’ve got something worth saying, but only time will tell.