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  • http://no Pastor anwar siddique bhatti

    “But know that the Lord has set apart for him self him who is godly the Lord will hear when I call to him’’
    1-This request is for the Donor’s & for whom the God have reserve them to promote the small churches.
    2-It’s humbly requested to those people those who want to help.
    The Heaven’s Way Church
    May ask to God to allow them are not.
    Miracle in my Life and how I got a favorable reception from God.
    35 years before I was very disappointed from my life due to sickness, dozen of doctors were unable to trace out the reason of my sickness usually I ran away from my house & my wife followed me and brought me back home.
    (History of Heaven’s Way Church)
    One day I lay down on bed and requested to my Holy Father to carry me from this word or take away my sickness if you will do so I make you promise to build the Church building & I will bound my self to serve you till death. According to God’s planning he gave me new life and I full fill the promise which I had made with the God by construction a Church building & spending all the time with God.
    How I started the Church construction. I was not rich person I was working in paper mill as a labourer at very low salary. I had not a single pie in my pocket and I found it very difficult to purchase the land for the Church.
    (How I was Baptized by Holy Sprit) Although my father was a pastor who served God for 70years with protestant faith who won the many non-Christian souls. I was helpful to my father in preaching but I was not a true Christian. After having miracle in my life I pray to God for the Holy Spirit and God baptized me by the Holy Spirit then I started to spend my life in control of Holy Spirit. After baptizing by God I received two more blessing from Jesus Christ.
    1-Healing Miracle.
    2-How Carry the people in paradise.
    (Jesus Christ is the only Way to Heaven)
    (The Bible is Way to Heaven)
    Schedule of Prayer in the Heaven’s Way Church.
    1-Every day evening Prayer.
    2-Every Friday special prayer for sick people.
    3-Every Sunday prayer from 9 to 11am.
    4-Every Sunday, Sunday school for children.
    5-Every last Sunday of month Holy Communion.
    6-Also I visit every day 8 to 10 families.
    Four Pastors and Elder’s and group of singer’s and one Sunday school Teacher.
    Many other Pastors want to join the Heaven’s Way Church Ministry.
    Congregation of Heaven’s Way Church unable to support the Pastor’s.
    (Request to Donors)
    How I request the donors to kindly help the needy, widows, orphan and the Pastors who are find it very difficult to make both ends meet.
    The donors are most welcome to visit the “Heaven’s Way Church Ministry” whenever they like.
    We want to have conventions, Seminars, Pastor Leadership, but we do not enough finances.
    Thanks and God bless you.
    Senior Pastor In charge.
    Pastor. Anwar Siddique Bhatti.
    Heaven’s Way Church Pakistan.
    98/e street no, 3 Gullbahare colony
    Lahore cantt.Pakistan
    Cell no.(0923008858044) (0923008125427)
    Zip code. (54810)
    Pastor Anwar Siddique Bhatti

  • Allison Arnold

    I look forward to reading your posts and catching up on past blogs. I am following you by email, twitter, and facebook.


  • Clem

    I like the new site – you got me hooked with the book contest so i;
    1-suscribed to email feed
    2-follow you on Twitter

    No chance for me with Facebook, I have no profile and don’t care to sign up.
    Although I was briefly tempted for the extra ballet.

    PS I’m a big fan of Harvest – wish there was one nearby.

  • Martin Murphy

    I represent the Theocentric Publishing Group. I came across your blog via another site and was delighted to read a couple of your reviews. I will furnish you courtesy copies of our books, if you will furnish your postal address. We have several books that will soon be released. Thank you for your consideration. Grace and Peace, Martin

  • Arthurdaly

    I mentioned you in this Vid, keep up the good work…peace Bob

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Thanks for letting me know, Bob – take care!

  • Chris De Man

    Have enjoyed your blog after stumbling upon it a few months ago. Always substantive, fresh and Christ-centered. Being a part-time blogger, I understand the work of finding, pondering, and then bringing good content to your followers. Thanks for the work on our behalf!

    By His Grace,

  • Jody Sneed

    Per Noel Piper re Awaiting a Savior

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Cool – thanks for stopping by, Jody!

  • Ksmcmahon

    Love to weigh in on the “non-negotiables of the Christian faith” but what about those of us that do not do Facebook?

    • Aaron Armstrong

      You can join the discussion by commenting on the post here :)

      • Anonymous

        Wonderful. I absolutely believe there are essentials and non-essentials or core beliefs verses secondary issues. Essentials would be the virgin birth, the deity of Christ, the blood atonement, the bodily resurrection., justification by faith alone through grace alone…my mind is blank but those are the ones that come to mind right away. Love your blog in fact I have never responded to a blog before and this is the first. :)