Get Serious About Your Studies: Choosing a Study Bible

Studying the Bible is an essential for the Christian, yet it’s something that, far too often, too many of us take for granted (myself included). If we study the Bible at all, it’s as a chore—”I have to do this”— instead of a privilege—”I get to do this!”

Through the Scriptures, we learn not how life works best, but how life really is. That there is a God who created all things and is in authority over all things. That mankind, made in His image and likeness, rebelled against Him and plunged all of creation into its current state of futility and sin. And that God made a way for mankind’s sins to be forgiven through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

This is very exciting stuff, isn’t it?

If it’s so exciting—if this is really good news—shouldn’t we want to know more about it?

Absolutely. We need to get serious about our studies. And the place to start is with your Bible; specifically choosing a good study Bible.

Why do I need a study Bible?

While much of the Bible is fairly easy to understand, there are many things that are confusing or unclear to the twenty-first century reader. Some of this is due simply to the fact that we live in a completely different context and speak a completely different language. Certain nuances get lost in translation.

A study Bible is a valuable resource to assist the reader in understanding Scripture by providing insight into words and phrases used that we might not understand, as well as historical interpretations of texts. Essentially it provides a running commentary that you can turn to should you get stuck. [Read more...]