Attack of the Ginormous Study Bibles

I saw this video over on Ed Stetzer’s website and it gave me a good laugh. I love my ESV Study Bible—it’s fantastic. It’s packed with information and really, really helpful.

And, as an added bonus, it’s big enough to use as my home security system!

(I wonder if the folks at Crossway would consider that as a selling point?)

I don’t know much about the HCSB translation, aside from taking a quick look on their website, but it looks like a pretty decent translation. Very easy to read, which is always a plus.

So, if you’ve got a Study Bible, what do you like about the one you have?

Apparently John Piper is Emo, too!

Discussing fashion in Everybody Hurts: An Essential Guide to Emo Culture, the authors describe the emo college professor look:

“Often sported by indie-emo types who have actually read John Fante novels, this particular emo fashion aesthetic [involves] wearing corduroy blazers with suede elbow patches and clunky glasses…”


If you’ve ever wondered how it is that Piper is able to connect so deeply with so many young people, perhaps it’s because he understands them far better than anyone could imagine.

Or, y’know, it could be his infectious passion for Jesus Christ.

I leave it to you to decide.

Oh no—We were Emo!

We made a stunning revelation Wednesday night: In college, Emily and I were so emo—and we didn’t even know it!

Now, I may not have worn eyeliner… or painted my nails… or worn girl pants… but when it came to home decor, we were so emo.

We learned this with the help of Everybody Hurts: An Essential Guide to Emo Culture. In this book, authors Leslie Simon and Trevor Kelley include an important chapter about growing up—the most dreaded concept to everyone from teens to 40-somethings. In this chapter, they write:

Generally, interior design is a concept that most emo types fail to embrace until they reach their mid-twenties, which is why their first home away from home (often obtained around the age of nineteen) will include the following:

“Band posters… DIY bookshelves [made of milk crates, naturally!]…The ‘Dude, what’s up with your futon?’ Futon.

Honestly, this is not too far off from our first apartments (and college dorms). Comic book art and band posters, the hand-me-down puffy pleather sofa (which, in terms of decor, may be on par with the futon), a DIY entertainment unit. It was pretty rough.

But here’s what caught our attention:

Your average adult emo home will be heavily outfitted by Ikea, West Elm, or Pottery Barn and will probably look identical to all your friends’ homes. Generally, these homes will include the following:

A real couch… A slightly better bookshelf [with real books in it that cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $150, but still has the stability of a stack of milk crates]… Photographs and art, but not too much [usually consisting of either cartoon-looking concert posters or nauseating photos of the married couple].

Our house is an Ikea catalog. We can’t help it, they make affordable and awesome furniture. Our shaky bookshelves are bowing under the weight of a couple hundred real books. And yes, we have pictures of ourselves around the house, and a painting of toast in our kitchen.

Now while Emily tells me that our home decor is called something like “modern country,” I think there’s a lesson to be learned: There’s a little emo in all of us.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch a Cameron Crowe movie and then listen to Weezer.

It Makes Me Laugh: Fruit Massacre

Emily found a blog called Filth Wizardry last night. It’s written by a mom who is sharing some of the fun things she does to occupy her preschoolers.

This image, the fruit massacre, made me laugh really hard.

There’s some pretty neat stuff there if either crafts or occupying preschoolers a regular part of your agenda. Maybe go check it out.

It makes me laugh: Information Overload Syndrome

HT Kevin DeYoung

Celebrity Twitter Overkill

Supernews continues it’s hilarious commentary on Twitter. This made me laugh really hard (watch for the Fail Whale).

Over-spiritualizing Everything


HT Sean Chandler via Twitter.

Don't Be That Guy

Random Wednesday Video

My friend Ray had this on his facebook page and I got a kick out of it. Enjoy!