What do you do when books attack? (a #bibliophileprobs poem)


What do you do when books attack?

When the shelves are double stacked?

Books are piled by the thousands;

and slowly becoming mountains.

O’er the coffee table tumbled,

wife’s aggression lowly mumbled.

Perhaps you should consider moving houses?

Or build a fort, where the kids can play,

or deny there’s a problem and pray it away?

All these have merit,

(well, a little if any).

But there’s one thing to do

that’s better than any:

Start packing up boxes, and give some away.

don’t wait ’til tomorrow, do it today.

There are people who need them,

and some might even read them!

Please take my advice,

O, would-be book hoarder:

start packing some boxes,

and unburden your shoulders.

Say farewell to some books, at least one or two

for your home will expand the moment you do.1

Book Review: The Organized Heart by Staci Eastin

The Organized Heart by Staci Eastin

This book will be different than any other book on organization that you’ve probably read. I have no schedule to offer you, I won’t tell you what day to mop the kitchen floor, and you don’t need to buy a timer. Your standards for an organized home and a reasonable schedule will vary with your personality, season of life, and the needs and preferences of your family.

What I hope to do is to help you examine your heart and discover things that may be hindering your walk with God. My goal is not necessarily for you to have a cleaner home or a more manageable schedule—although I certainly hope that is the case. Rather, my hope for this book is that it will help you serve God and your family more effectively, more fruitfully, and with greater peace and joy.

Staci Eastin, The Organized Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Conquering Chaos

The Organized Heart by Staci Eastin is not a book full of charts or checklists. There’s no instruction to do your laundry on Monday, or your floors on Wednesday. (Although seriously, who does their floors every week?) We’ve seen enough of those, and if you’re a person who struggles with disorder, you probably have a few of these books already and don’t need another one.

So what is The Organized Heart? It’s an insightful work that challenges the reader to investigate the root of disorder, which according to the author, is idolatry.

The Organized Heart covers four areas where disorder can reign (and ruin)—perfectionism, busyness, possessions, and leisure. In the chapter on possessions, Staci offers a very funny anecdote about her beloved couch; it went from being white and tan to brown and brown, and when all was said and done not even a charity would take it. [Read more…]

Discovering a Solution to My Organizational Nightmare!

The other day, I was lamenting trying to properly catalogue and keep track of my books. I’d checked out LibraryThing.com; and while it’s very cool, it doesn’t have the functionality I need.

Perhaps four hours after the post went live, I got a Facebook message from a friend suggesting I try Books for Mac OSX. It’s an open-source program that some of his friends had tried and thought was terrific.

I spent a good chunk of Monday afternoon messing about with it, and it’s pretty phenomenal!

Check this out: [Read more…]

An Organizational Nightmare: Help me with my books!


So, like most folks who read more books than is possibly healthy for them, I’ve got a lot of books. Since I started blogging, my collection has grown considerably, with somewhere around 30 titles being added to my home library (some from publishers and programs, others purchased by me). One of the great things about having a lot of books is that I can loan them out to friends who want to read them. It’s a really helpful way to introduce friends to books they may not read otherwise, new authors and some great concepts.

Despite the great things that come from having a fairly decent pile of books, I’ve got a problem: My bookshelf is an organizational nightmare!

Currently, I have no system in place for keeping track of them all, aside from looking at the shelf. And if a book is on loan, I only have my memory to rely on or a piece of paper if I’ve remembered to write it down.

You can see how this is a problem, I’m sure.

I’ve been slowly working on a spreadsheet listing everything by author, title, publisher, and subject, as well as track a particular book’s availability;p but, this is extremely time-consuming, and I’m hoping there’s an easier system.

So, book lovers, can you help me with my books?

Do you use a spreadsheet? Is LibraryThing.com a good solution?

How do you keep track of everything?

Your help is greatly appreciated.