I Have No Words

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If for some reason the video above isn’t working, here’s an edited clip from youtube:

The Trekkies are gonna be so mad: Thoughts on the new Star Trek

Last week, my friends and I had a chance to see the new Star Trek movie. Unless you’ve been living in a bubble for the last 6 months, you’re more than aware of the hype surrounding this film.

Director JJ Abrams and co. were handed a bold task: Breath new life into a stagnate pop-culture phenomenon with one of the most rabid, over-protective fanbases the world has ever known (I think they even beat out Star Wars fans who started a religion based on the movie).

Film Review Star Trek

I have a confession to make: I loved Star Trek growing up. Loved it(!) I used to watch the original series repeats on Sunday mornings on CBC in the 80′s. My mom and I would watch Star Trek: The Next Generation every week. It was fun. Then,there was Star Trek: Voyager, followed by Enterprise. And they were terrible. They were really, really bad. And considering that most of Star Trek wasn’t that great to begin with, you get the idea of just how awful those shows were. I lost my taste for the series altogether, but still remembered the shows I grew up with fondly.

Five years later, the trailers start appearing for the new movie. I’ve always been a bit gunshy of prequels, so I didn’t have high expectations. At least, not initially. [Read more...]