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What would you tell your 18-year-old?

R.C. Sproul Jr.:

We all have regrets. We look back at forks in the road behind us and wonder where we might be now had we chosen more wisely back then. Every misstep, however, is an opportunity to learn, to follow more faithfully in Jesus’ footsteps. How gracious that our Lord not only covers our folly, but is able to grow wisdom out of it? Below are ten things now me would seek to impress into the stubborn mind of then me.

Why the Prosperity Gospel Shouldn’t Appeal to Believers

Mike Leake:

Those prosperity gospel teachers are tricksy. They aren’t simply preaching materialism. They aren’t ripping you off and saying, “Get your Lexus now, and burn in hell later”. Saying things like, “Your Best Life Now” means that believers need to start living out our future reward today. This means that we get God AND our Lexus, designer suits, million dollar homes, and life of ease.

Church planting in 0.5% Evangelical Quebec

Marc Pilon:

In January of 2011, I had the joy of planting a church in Sherbrooke, Quebec. By God’s grace, in barely two years we grew from 100 to nearly 500, baptizing more than 100 people in that time. We experienced growth like I had never seen or heard of in my thirty years growing up in the evangelical church in Quebec, but our church was born out of a heritage of men and women willing to pay the price to reach the lost.

Why You Can’t Push Kids Into the Kingdom

Daniel Darling:

Furthermore, the common interpretation of Proverbs 22:6 as a promise or doctrine is faulty. Serious Bible students understand that Proverbs, while inspired Scripture, are just that: proverbs. They represent the best collection of the wisdom anywhere in the world. They rise above all other literature, both classical and contemporary.

But the proverbs are not doctrine, and they are not promises.