Book Review: Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris

Title: Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are
Authors: Alex & Brett Harris
Publisher: Multnohmah

In their first book, Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations, Alex & Brett Harris challenged and inspired young people around the world to stop wasting their teen years and make the most of them for the glory of God. But many were left asking the question, “How do I start?”

That’s why the Harris brothers wrote Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are to provide answers to tackle the questions that arise from a desire to do hard things.

Surpassing it’s Target Audience

The sign of a good book is its ability to surpass its target audience. Although directed at teens, adults of all ages will find as much to benefit from Start Here as will any teen “rebelutionary.” The advice found in its pages is practical, thoughtful, honest and thoroughly biblical. The testimonies of real young people who are doing hard things are encouraging and inspiring. And I think that’s why their message resonates with so many readers. A wasted life is a fruitless life and the Christian life is to be abundantly fruitful.

Don’t Be Busy, Be Fruitful

One point I particularly appreciated is that busyness doesn’t equal fruitfulness:  [Read more…]

Sunday Shorts (08/09)

Plant a Church or a Campus?

Over at Evangelical Village (another blog I occasionally contribute to), Matt is asking a very important question: What are the benefits of planting a church versus planting a campus (ie multi-site)?

Weigh in on the discussion here (although ignore the second comment; it’s just weird).

35 Reasons Not to Sin

The Harris Brothers (founders of The Rebelution) stumbled across 35 reasons not to sin. They’re well worth thoroughly reading and meditating upon. Here’s one of that I found particularly revealing:

Because sin glorifies God only in His judgment of it and His turning of it to good use, never because it is worth anything on it’s own.

Read the entire list here.

The Gospel in 10 Words or Less

Trevin Wax, Kevin DeYoung and 10 others are attempting to summarize the gospel in 10 words or less. The approach each is taking is very interesting, with some summarizing the entire storyline, with others addressing specific doctrines that make the good news good news.

Read the responses here.

Out of the Archives: Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor

memoirs-carson“Ordinary” pastors don’t usually get press. They don’t speak at conferences. They don’t write books. Their ministries are on the whole fairly average. They work hard, they faithfully serve the flock God has entrusted to them, and generally go unnoticed.

Tom Carson was, by all accounts, an ordinary pastor. Yet, he was a most extraordinary man.

Tom worked in the most difficult missions field in Canada (Quebec), striving to make in-roads for the Gospel with its Francophone population… Read the rest of this review.

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