Sunday Shorts (06/21)

Mostly Dead vs. All Dead

What’s Andy Naselli’s favorite illustration of the Arminian view of human depravity (and it’s integral relationship to the concept of prevenient grace)?

The Princess Bride, of course!

Andy cites this as the crucial part of the exchange:

“Well it just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. . . . Now mostly dead is slightly alive. All dead—well, with all dead, there’s only usually one thing that you can do.”

“What’s that?”

“Go through his clothes and look for loose change.”

If you’re not reading Andy’s blog, you really should.

Leadership Book Interview: Unfashionable

Ed Stetzer interviews Tullian Tchvidjian about his book, Unfashionable. Here’s the intro:

Tullian Tchividjian’s new book, Unfashionable boldly addresses the issue of what it means to be the church in the world, while refusing to be of it. This is a theologically driven book that calls the church to “contextualize without compromise.” Tullian’s is a voice of reasoned, biblical sanity when many who are having this discussion are talking past one another with unhelpful and exaggerated rhetoric. I spoke with Tullian recently and asked him to talk to us about this new book.

Read the whole interview at Ed Stetzer’s blog.

He Stinketh: Thoughts on Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis

Nick Carter posted a short, but enjoyable review of Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis:

…would I recommend this book to others? To be honest, probably not. So, is Nick just jumping on the bandwagon with all the other staunch traditionalists and defenders of orthodox doctrine? I hope not, but I have to ask… what’s so wrong with orthodoxy? If you’ve read with interest Velvet Elvis and came away with a sentiment of disgust for the “old” way of the reformers and for the guard dogs of doctrine in conservative academia today–then you’ve proven my point. That being the likely reaction of readers is precisely why I would not recommend this book.

Read the rest at

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