DVD Review: Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley

Twisting the Truth is a curriculum based on Andy Stanley’s teaching series, “Twisted.” With six hard-hitting lessons, this curriculum is sure to lead to some extremely challenging and thought-provoking discussion within any small group that uses it.

The Content

Sessions one and two, “The Source of Deception” and “All is Not as it Seems,” introduce viewers to the concept of an invisible reality, that there is a spiritual world beyond the material – and a real, literal Devil. And his goal is to take what’s true and twist it. Take people’s view of God and twist it just enough that people become angry with God, make decisions based on that anger, and blame Him for the consequences of their actions.

Session three, “Says Who,” addresses our tendency to rebel against authority. When confronted by authority, we evaluate what we’re being asked to do – and if we disagree with it, we ignore it. But, Stanley contends, obedience is not about the “what,” but about the “whom,” because there is no authority except that which God has established, whether we like it or not.

Session four, “Facing Forward,” examines suffering, and how we cannot understand the purpose of suffering if we only examine our present circumstances rather than looking at the larger context that God has given us to understand it.

Session five, “It’s Only Physical,” is all about sex – what our culture says, and how it’s destroying our potential for intimacy as it focuses on sex as an activity rather than an intimate experience that is for a married couple only. And when sex is taken out of its intended context, it’s incredibly destructive.

Session six, “It’s No Mistake,” confronts our attitude toward our “mistakes” – the things we do that we know are wrong, but we try to dumb down rather than admit that they’re sin. And if we only make mistakes, we don’t sin. And if we don’t sin, we don’t need a Savior. We only have to do better. [Read more…]