Letters from San Francisco

Friday morning, we begin the journey back to London after a long, but extremely productive week in San Francisco.  We’ve had an incredible week here, learning a TON about about new trends in digital marketing, and what we’re doing and not doing well from a marketing perspective.

I’ve been inspired and greatly challenged by the dozens of terrific and creative speakers and panelists we’ve had the privilege of hearing this week, and the one message that we keep hearing from everyone, over and over again is this:

Great content is king—and context is its queen.

I think this is really valuable for everyone to remember, in whatever sphere of influence or vocation we have.

If we’re not presenting great content that fits the location, we’re not actually presenting anything of value.

From a corporate marketing perspective, I am reminded that we need to not just fire buckshot into the crowd, but actually be focusing on the people that matter most. For some of our companies, that means we need to figure out exactly who we’re targeting.

We need to do a better job of talking and listening, and not just have great execution, but great content.

From a blogging perspective, it’s an important reminder to stay focused on the “why”: Why am I blogging? Is it just to feel bright or to share something of value with others.

So, how does this affect the blog? Honestly, I hope that I can continue to apply these thoughts and improve the content of what I’m posting.

We’ll see. Thanks for reading.